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Covid Aid ceasing as a charity, with Support Community to continue under independent member ownership Covid Aid launches innovative world-first Support Community phone app for those with Long Covid Statement from Foysol Choudhury MSP - Three Years On Statement from Karin Smyth MP - Three Years On Covid Aid Monthly Update: February 2023 Covid Aid celebrates after receiving £144,095 from The Scottish Government Covid Aid Monthly Update: January 2023 Gavin Perrett joins Covid Aid board as Trustee Covid Aid Support Community wins “Best New Community” at CMX Awards Covid Aid celebrates reaching over 250,000 people across the UK Joyce Gray joins Covid Aid as Executive Director Covid Aid: Annual Summary 2022 Five fundraising ideas to kickstart 2023 How to support Covid Aid this Christmas ‘The Longest Ad’ released to highlight plight of 2 million in UK with Long Covid UK Covid-19 charity asks Matt Hancock to donate part of I'm a Celeb fee to continuing pandemic fight Covid Aid monthly update: November 2022 Long Covid advocate Jasmine Hayer joins Covid Aid board as Trustee Covid Aid monthly update: October 2022 Covid Aid celebrates reaching 200,000 people across the UK with support, advice, and information Covid Aid amongst the 155-plus organisations urging Health and Social Care Secretary to publish health disparities white paper Covid Aid to significantly expand UK Long Covid services thanks to People's Postcode Lottery Award Covid Alliance UK network formed to boost Covid-related support and advocacy Exclusive fashion collection launched to raise funds for those affected by Covid-19 Covid Aid monthly update: September 2022 Covid Aid celebrates after receiving £10,000 in National Lottery funding Covid Aid monthly update: August 2022 Covid Aid pair are finalists in Rising Star and Rising Chief Executive categories at Third Sector Awards Covid Aid launches new online courses 'Claiming PIP for Long Covid' and 'How to Manage Stress and Anxiety' Covid Aid monthly update: July 2022 Covid Aid founder announced as Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2022 finalist Covid Aid marks milestone reaching 125,000 people with support Covid Aid launches Annual Appeal after reaching 107,000 people with support in year one covid:aid launches new sustainable merchandise with proceeds going towards people affected by the coronavirus pandemic covid:aid April highlights covid:aid shortlisted for national Charity of the Year award Get crafting for the covid:aid Make It In May fundraiser! covid:aid March highlights covid:aid shortlisted for StartUp Awards National Series I Remember: Scotland’s Covid Memorial audiobook released for National Day of Reflection Glasgow DJs swap live streaming for live events to raise £1000 for covid:aid covid:aid confirms Peter Gardiner as its latest Trustee covid:aid February Highlights covid:aid launches new online course, Coping With Grief and Bereavement Mindset Transformation Coach, Grief Therapist & Author, Gavin Perrett, joins covid:aid as Charity Ambassador covid:aid collaborates with The British Lung Foundation on My Long COVID Needs tool for people living with Long Covid covid:aid January Highlights Scottish Parliament congratulates covid:aid for its work supporting people affected by Covid-19 across the UK Take on the #FebFive challenge with covid:aid! Long Covid advocate, writer and blogger, Jasmine Hayer, joins covid:aid as Charity Ambassador covid:aid December Highlights covid:aid November Monthly Review covid:aid launches #CovidLoss digital wall for expressions of loss, grief, and bereavement Covid-19 Grief and Bereavement Counselling Support available through covid:aid covid:aid partners on UK release of ‘staggering’ Covid-19 documentary The First Wave covid:aid October Monthly Review Who are your #CovidHeroes? October round-up covid:aid launches #CovidHeroes to highlight the UK's everyday heroes covid:aid September Quarterly Report covid:aid joins Inequalities in Health Alliance Not the end, but a beginning in ensuring those with Long Covid are at the core of support service delivery covid:aid August Monthly Review covid:aid Long Covid and Universal Credit report reveals struggles and new fears: ‘I'm worried how I'm going to survive this winter’ The evolving process of collaboratively developing a Long Covid service production toolkit – and the expanded outcomes we can deliver Webinar announced for Post COVID-19 Condition: Best Practices on Management for Clinicians and Patients covid:aid releases survey on Long Covid and Universal Credit for report to MPs covid:aid confirms Raman Kaur as its latest trustee Why putting those with Long Covid at the heart of service delivery is so important for provision – and determining where awareness is needed Dominic Minghella joins covid:aid as a trustee Read our covid:aid July monthly review Putting those with Long Covid at the core of building services to support them Become a covid:aid Community Champion to support those stricken by Covid-19 The social impact of Covid-19 – how increased isolation has affected our health and wellbeing How Covid-19 plunged millions into poverty and widened wealth inequalities – and what you can do about it The journey to Scotland’s Covid Memorial: Alec Finlay on Long Covid, ME, the importance of pacing and recuperation, and the role art can play in collective recovery Read the covid:aid June monthly review The need for employers to recognise Long Covid – and for workers to receive care, compassion, and treatment The importance of telling our own stories of life with coronavirus – a conversation with the Covid-19 Recovery Collective UK Covid-19 charity covid:aid launches search to catalogue heroic Covid grassroots groups What’s been going on with our brains during lockdown? Neuroscientist Dr Dean Burnett on how to make sense of mental health issues covid:aid wins National Lottery funding to provide innovative Long Covid support covid:aid speaks to Dr Nathalie MacDermott about long Covid and her experiences covid:aid to partner on creation of Scotland’s Covid memorial covid:aid speaks to Dr Nisreen Alwan MBE about the battle to Count Long Covid UK COVID-19 charity is looking for Community Champions to support those affected UK charity launches to support all those affected by COVID-19 covid:aid appearance on Independent SAGE briefing covid:aid partners with Run For Heroes for new national UK charity challenge 5k May COVID-19 charity covid:aid creates world-first NFT

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COVID in kids: younger children and those from deprived areas are at higher risk of being hospitalised – new research COVID’s ongoing toll on university students’ mental health – new findings Long COVID could be caused by the virus lingering in the body. Here’s what the science says Many people are tired of grappling with long COVID – here are some evidence-based ways to counter it How COVID lockdowns distorted our sense of time – new research Andrew's Story - Three Years On LJ's Story - Three Years On Anonymous Story - Three Years On The impact of Long Covid on families and friendships Sally's Story - Three Years On We can learn a lot about Long Covid from years of diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue syndrome Covid Perspectives: Recovering from Covid with Yoga Long Covid: a range of diets are said to help manage symptoms – here’s what the evidence tells us Covid booster vaccines: how a third dose may help vulnerable people ‘level up’ their immunity Menopause, Oestrogen and Covid – what is going on? Cold weather can exacerbate neurological symptoms. Here’s why, and what might help. Colds, flu and Covid: how diet and lifestyle can boost your immune system Long Covid: here’s what it’s like trying to access healthcare for the condition Supporting a child with Long Covid – tips from parents of children living with the condition Covid and your gut: how a healthy microbiome can reduce the severity of infection – and vice versa Covid in 2023 and beyond – why virus trends are more difficult to predict three years on Our third Covid Christmas – here’s how things might play out There are still good reasons to avoid catching Covid again – for one, your risk of Long Covid goes up each time Feeling forgetful after Covid? Study shows the virus can affect short-term memory Covid Perspectives: Boost Yourself with Nature Long Covid stigma may encourage people to hide the condition Covid Perspectives: The Complex Fusion of Covid Bereavement and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Tested positive to COVID? Go easy on yourself – try not to rush back to work or exercise COVID vaccines: many people have had two doses but not their boosters – here’s why that might be Go slow and accept your limitations – how to exercise if you’re recovering from Long Covid COVID: inhalable and nasal vaccines could offer more durable protection than regular shots The economic impact of COVID in the UK depended on where you live Mental health problems in Long Covid Omicron BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 – an expert answers three key questions about these new COVID variants Covid vaccines don’t just benefit physical health – they improve mental health too Long Covid: how lost connections between nerve cells in the brain may explain cognitive symptoms What is – and what isn’t – ‘brain fog’? And how does it relate to Long Covid? Some LGBTQIA+ identities seem more vulnerable to Long Covid. But why? Covid Perspectives: Living with Sensory Loss Some coronaviruses kill, while others cause a common cold. We are getting closer to knowing why COVID has taken a greater toll on mental health among people from ethnic minorities – sadly this is no surprise COVID and the cost of living crisis are set to collide this winter – the fallout will be greatest for the most vulnerable How Covid has cost Black lives through known social inequalities Omicron-specific vaccines may give slightly better Covid protection – but getting boosted promptly is the best bet Tips for Covid long haulers worried about the cost of living rises COVID-19 can cause lung damage – 3 ways long COVID patients’ respiration can suffer I’ve had COVID and am constantly getting colds. Did COVID harm my immune system? Am I now at risk of other infectious diseases? New cases of severe Long Covid appear to be dropping – and vaccination is probably key Another new COVID variant is spreading – here’s what we know about omicron BA.4.6 Five reasons why young people should get a Covid booster vaccine When does COVID become long COVID? And what’s happening in the body when symptoms persist? Here’s what we’ve learnt so far Tips for managing gastric symptoms of Long Covid Back to school: four strategies for child and family mental health as the Covid-19 pandemic continues Long Covid: How researchers are zeroing in on the self-targeted immune attacks that may lurk behind it Got allergies? You could be at lower risk of catching COVID Long Covid: why it’s so hard to tell how many people get it Long Covid may stem from an overactive immune response in the lungs New COVID variants could emerge from animals or from people with chronic infections – but it’s not cause for panic Do I have COVID or hay fever? Here’s how to tell How charity Fifth Sense is offering Long Covid guidance, support, and hope for those with post-viral smell and taste loss 4 common reasons why Covid long haulers can struggle with grief Long COVID should make us rethink disability – and the way we offer support to those with ‘invisible conditions’ What are the Current Covid-19 Rules in the UK? Covid Rebound: How can I be positive again, what is Covid Rebound, and should I be worried? What are the Current Covid-19 Rules in England? Hair loss and lower libido among long COVID symptoms – new research I have Covid symptoms. Should I do a test? Covid-19: risk of diabetes and heart disease is higher after infection – but maybe only temporarily Long COVID: with no treatment options, it’s little wonder people are seeking unproven therapies like ‘blood washing’ Long Covid and coping in a heatwave How These Four Walls reveals the scale and impact of Covid-19 Grief and Bereavement Covid Perspectives: Those who are Disabled and Immunocompromised need to be supported, not ignored How The Hidden Voices of Long Covid has raised awareness of lived experience – and the devastating long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic Mind Q&A: Effects of Covid-19 on Mental Health, and how to deal with anxiety, loneliness, Long Covid COVID vaccines: our current shots could soon be updated to target new variants – an immunology expert explains Many people are still shielding from COVID – and our research suggests their mental health is getting worse Long Covid: female sex, older age and existing health problems increase risk – new research Expert tips for coping with post-pandemic travel anxiety Covid reinfections could be more severe for some – but overall evidence doesn’t give us cause for concern What are the current Covid-19 rules in Northern Ireland? What are the latest Covid-19 rules in Scotland? What are the current Covid-19 rules in Wales? Girls’ mental health has been affected more than boys’ during the pandemic – new research Three challenges facing UK charities in a post-pandemic crisis Five ways the pandemic has affected routine medical care Listening to young people could help reduce pandemic-related harms to children It’s not helpful to talk about children’s ‘learning loss’ during lockdown – they and their parents learned a great deal Five lessons the pandemic taught us about ending homelessness permanently The inside story of Recovery: how the world’s largest Covid-19 trial transformed treatment – and what it could do for other diseases Hybrid immunity: a combination of vaccination and prior infection probably offers the best protection against Covid Covid-19: six ways long-term smell loss can affect you Covid vaccines for children: uptake in the UK is slow – here’s why parents might be hesitant Covid vaccines for children under five: what parents need to know Future COVID-19 booster shots will likely need fresh formulations as new coronavirus variants of concern continue to emerge Long social distancing: how young adults’ habits have changed since COVID Covid-19 and New Onset Diabetes - what's the link between these two conditions? Long Covid: vaccination could reduce symptoms, new research suggests Haven’t had Covid yet? It could be more than just luck Five tips for young people dealing with Long Covid – from a GP Children’s physical activity dropped during Covid lockdowns but didn’t bounce back – new UK research Four strange Covid symptoms you might not have heard about Severe Covid is equivalent to 20 years of ageing – new study Over 50% of pregnant women in the UK are choosing to be vaccinated, here’s why you should too! Effect of lockdowns on birth rates in the UK Are corticosteroids effective for treating Covid-19? The Valneva Covid vaccine has been approved for use in the UK – here’s what the evidence says Stress Management Techniques in the age of Covid Omicron XE is spreading in the UK – a virologist explains what we know about this hybrid variant Long Covid affects 1 in 5 people following infection. Vaccination, masks and better indoor air are our best protections Treatments for Covid-19 used in UK hospitals today How to introduce a pacing pattern into your Long Covid routine? Caught Covid? Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when self-isolation isn’t mandatory Where are we at with the fourth Covid Boosters? Two years on: let’s not forget our key workers #TeamHalo: Scientists and healthcare experts combatting Covid-19 vaccine misinformation Deltacron: what scientists know so far about this new hybrid coronavirus What did the Covid-19 pandemic reveal about youth employment? How do we speak to loved ones about loss, grief, and bereavement experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic? The National Day of Reflection: speaking to Marie Curie about the need to express grief and reflect upon bereavement Who gets to decide when the pandemic is over? Digital technology is helping us memorialise the pandemic – despite the world wanting us to forget about it and move on Will Covid Make My Brain Shrink? The Power of Personal Connections in Reflecting on Covid-related Grief Financial Resilience and Wealth Distribution During the Covid-19 Pandemic Women: young, low-income, disabled and mothers most affected by the pandemic Eight changes the world needs to make to live with Covid How will people behave when self-isolation isn’t mandatory? Expert view: "Lifting the remaining Covid measures is a dangerous and senseless move" Adult social care was hit hard during the pandemic – it will need help to recover Covid may have made us less materialistic – new research Covid reinfections: are they milder and do they strengthen immunity? Covid: how anti-vaccine influencers exploit mothers Why don’t most people with Covid need to test for another 90 days, even if they’re re-exposed? Myocarditis: Covid-19 is a much bigger risk to the heart than vaccination The pandemic made period poverty worse in the UK – but also led to new ways to combat it Fresh research says Omicron lasts much longer on surfaces than other variants – but disinfecting still works Gut bacteria could help protect against Covid and even lead to a new drug – new research Is this the end of the road for vaccine mandates in healthcare? Covid-19: why some people with symptoms don’t get tested BA.2 is like Omicron’s sister. Here’s what we know about it so far PTSD and Covid-19: How to manage and minimise trauma responses to the coronavirus pandemic Have you stopped wearing reusable fabric masks? Here’s how to cut down waste without compromising your health Covid-19: WHO recommends two new treatments – here’s how they work Drink problems at work got much worse during the pandemic – here’s how employers can tackle them Don’t believe the claim that only 17,371 people have died from Covid in England and Wales England’s plan B restrictions are lifting – but are some measures here to stay? Grief and Bereavement in the age of Covid-19: We all need different support at different times Covid misinformation is a health risk – tech companies need to remove harmful content not tweak their algorithms Breathlessness and Long Covid: tips and techniques Covid: why people who refuse to get vaccinated should not have lesser healthcare rights Long Covid - Latest Figures Lockdown saw couples share housework and childcare more evenly – but these changes didn’t last Long Covid and Pacing Lack of trust in public figures linked to Covid vaccine hesitancy – new research Long Covid and Post-Exertional Malaise: what is it and how to manage it? Firms are cutting sick pay for the unvaccinated – what does employment law say? Here’s where (and how) you are most likely to catch Covid – new study Lockdown schooling: research from across the world shows reasons to be hopeful What are the symptoms of omicron? T-cells: the superheroes in the battle against omicron Covid: how to make sense of the UK’s new testing rules Why does omicron appear to cause less severe disease than previous variants? New data shows Covid will continue to have a negative financial impact on many UK households Covid fallout hit farmers hard – they need better mental health support Superspreader events: why transmission among the triple-vaxxed shouldn’t alarm you Covid is caused by a virus – so why are researchers treating it with antibiotics? Life after Covid: most people don’t want a return to normal – they want a fairer, more sustainable future How to Manage Fatigue Post Covid-19 UK and South African hospitalisation data: what it tells us about how deadly omicron is When will life return to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic? Omicron may not be the final variant, but it may be the final variant of concern Omicron is likely to hit deprived areas the hardest – here’s why Covid: how the disease moves through the air Christmas socialising: three health experts explain how to interpret new advice The impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of children and young people in the UK: what the research says Three ways to improve the uptake of Covid vaccines by ethnic minority groups in the UK Covid passes: they can’t prevent every infection but do make events safer Do lateral flow tests detect omicron? Your questions answered Omicron and Covid boosters: everything you need to know Vaccines are necessary, but not sufficient without better healthcare and ventilation Omicron might evade antibodies: what does this mean for Covid immunity? Figuring out omicron – here’s what scientists are doing right now to understand the new coronavirus variant Tackling Covid disinformation with empathy and conversation A year of Covid vaccines: how the UK pinned its hopes on the jab – and why those hopes are under threat Omicron: better to be safe (and quick) than sorry Reintroducing masks in England may be met with resistance – here’s how the government can overcome it Omicron: Britain plans to vaccinate 25 million in two months – but can it be done? Covid-19: will the UK vaccinate children under 12? How air filters can make Covid wards safer for patients and staff Dying, death and grief in the age of Covid and beyond What is Long Covid? Are new Covid variants like Omicron linked to low vaccine coverage? Here’s what the science says 5 factors impacting the mental health and wellbeing of people with Long Covid Four ways to stop Covid ruining Christmas again in 2021 Omicron: why the WHO designated it a variant of concern Financial benefits in the time of Covid-19: should you be claiming? The hunt for coronavirus variants: how the Omicron variant was found and what we know so far How to dissuade parents from believing in anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories Merck v Pfizer: here’s how the two new Covid antiviral drugs work and will be used Claims that Covid jabs can be used to track you with ‘luciferase’ are false – the substance isn’t even in the vaccine How can we #MakeSchoolsSafe and #ProtectOurCommunities throughout the Covid-19 pandemic? Long Covid: my work with sufferers reveals that western medicine has reached a crisis point Novavax Covid vaccine is nearing approval – but what impact will it have? Why having bad oral health could raise the risk of Covid-19 Bereavement and End of Life Care during the Covid-19 pandemic Why Covid passes are not discriminatory (in the way you think they are) Lessons from Covid-19 for the next pandemic: We need better data on workplace transmission Long Covid and Smell Disorders: what we know, and what you can do Why vaccine doses differ for babies, kids, teens and adults – an immunologist explains Fertility, pregnancy, postpartum maternity, and the Covid vaccine – why women should get vaccinated Nose sprays, needle-free patches, durable immunity: towards the next generation of Covid-19 vaccines Q&A: Is the common cold really much worse this year? Should you stop wearing a mask just because the law gives you permission to do so? Is molnupiravir the breakthrough drug we’ve been waiting for? Listen Project: Long Covid and the importance of listening Family Planning and the Covid vaccine – here’s what you need to know Covid-19: how worried should we be about the new AY.4.2 lineage of the coronavirus? Doomscrolling Covid news takes an emotional toll – here’s how to make your social media a happier place Covid vaccines are safe during pregnancy – but catching the virus isn’t Relaxing restrictions hasn’t made Covid cases spike – but this doesn’t mean herd immunity has arrived New antibody treatment could offer up to 18 months’ protection against Covid-19 Why care workers are feeling less valued and leaving the sector after the Covid-19 outbreak Covid-19 and flu: how big could the dual threat be this winter? Breast milk can contain Covid antibodies – good news for babies A new oral antiviral drug for Covid-19 is being tested in humans – can it make a difference? How Covid deaths compare with other deaths in the UK 10 ways we can better respond to the Covid-19 pandemic in a trauma-informed way Covid tests: why are people testing positive on Lateral Flow Tests but negative on PCR? Universal credit: what the £20 a week cut will mean for UK households How can we prevent people coping with anxiety from being left behind as things start opening up again? Covid vaccines for teenagers: what UK parents need to know amid a new wave of misinformation Preliminary research finds even mild cases of COVID-19 leave a mark on the brain – but it’s not yet clear how long it lasts Can healthy people who eat right and exercise skip the Covid-19 vaccine? A research scientist and fitness enthusiast explains why the answer is no The Wren Project: The new autoimmune charity providing free, ongoing, 1-1 listening support for people with Long Covid Social media, activism, trucker caps: the fascinating story behind long COVID Undergraduate anxiety, Covid-19 and the return to on-campus learning Covid-19 smell loss can have profound effects on your life, from weight change to intimacy barriers What kind of Covid-19 UK inquiry do we need to learn the right lessons? Covid vaccines for under-16s: why competent children in the UK can legally decide for themselves Long Covid: double vaccination halves risk of developing long-lasting symptoms UK Covid plan: how will the pandemic play out this winter? When Covid patients are intubated, the trauma can stay with them long after this breathing emergency You’re much less likely to get Long Covid if you’ve been vaccinated How will the Covid pandemic end? How addressing our young kids’ Covid-19 learning loss is a matter of child’s play Long Covid advocate Dr Kerry Smith joins covid:aid as Charity Ambassador Four factors that increase the risk of vaccinated people getting Covid-19 Why is a third COVID-19 vaccine dose important for people who are immunocompromised? COVID infections may give more potent immunity than vaccines – but that doesn’t mean you should try to catch it Covid-19 has made the transition from primary to secondary school harder. Here’s how parents can help Mu: everything you need to know about the new coronavirus variant of interest Back to school – how can parents best help children deal with Covid anxiety? Got a child with Covid-19 at home? Here’s how to look after them Covid-19 variants: we spoke to the experts designing a single vaccine to defeat them all How long does immunity last after COVID vaccination? Do we need booster shots? 2 immunology experts explain Covid-19: vaccine boosters are likely to increase protection against variants – new research Ronapreve: new Covid-19 treatment has just been authorised – here’s everything you need to know Covid-19: frontline nurses did not receive the mental health support they deserved Mindfulness meditation in brief daily doses can reduce negative mental health impact of Covid-19 Covid-19 vaccines: we need to find out which incentives actually work I'm Still Standing Facts, fears and the evolution of masking throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Schools can reopen safely – an epidemiologist describes what works and what’s not worth the effort Deciphering the symptoms of long COVID-19 is slow and painstaking – for both sufferers and their physicians Should we tell stories of vaccine sceptics who have died of COVID? Disenfranchised grief: It's OK if you have a little cry in lockdown. You’re grieving How will COVID vaccines work on compromised immune systems? Here’s what we know With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, ‘immune-insecure’ people have to navigate added risks in social life Vaccinating teenagers is beneficial, even if their vulnerability to COVID-19 is low Younger adults can get very sick and die from COVID too. Here’s what the data tell us Covid:19: why you still need to wash your hands Should pregnant women have a COVID vaccine? The evidence says it’s safe and effective RSV: what is it, and why are child cases surging in the wake of COVID? Long COVID: symptoms experienced during infection may predict lasting illness


Kehul shah because Kehul worked relentlessly throughout Covid. Dr Jenna Clarke because she worked during Covid-19 throughout whilst pregnant Ffu-scotland because Ffu continued working throughout the pandemic. CGL Atlantic Recovery Centre because They are all Heroes Maahira & Farah because these two wonderful ladies deliver the Long Covid peer support group Wishaw General Hospital Adult Critical Care Unit because the team deserve respect and thanks for their efforts Nadyne McKie because For her tireless and gentle support with long-Covid patients The RVI Newcastle plastics reconstructive surgery theatre team because They carry on no matter what Bruna because she has been taking care of people in Islington – and kept me alive Sian Averall because Of her volunteering work to help others John Liddell because He went above and beyond since March 2020, still ongoing Largo Communities Together Covid Response Team because of their amazing work, particularly for their befriending service All the volunteers at The Westway Hub because They have worked tirelessly on the Vaccination Centre All the staff at Palm Court Nursing Home because you have been marvellous – be proud of yourselves! Dr Uwah because Dr Uwah is a great doctor Karen Rawden because she is Founder of the covid 19 UK & Ireland long covid group Kathleen Murray because Kathleen has been there for me every week during lockdown Sheree Simpson because I am proud of my cousin Sheree, who is an NHS nurse in Aberdeen Mhairi Forbes because Amazing leader Valerie because she has been a great mum and gran Kerrie because she was an amazing Nurse Practioner and mum during lockdown


Nichola Dawn Robinson - Val (Mum, Nan, Wife, Aunty, Sister, friend) Kathleen rankin - My son neil dain Cam - My Dad - Andy K. Lorraine Cotton - My Mum Jenny Bacon - Grandad-my oldest best friend Laura - My partner – he was my best friend Janis - Kathleen Thompson, my mum Terrina A Hughes - My husband Beverley Davies - My Dad - Peter Godfrey Davies Janie mccune - My mummy ,the Queen of our family Sally Anne G-Adams - My Dad and my sense of self Julieann Edwards - Both Parents Margaret Winfrow - My wonderful husband Alec - I lost my walking. Mrs Susan Eldridge - Lost mam and brother Karen - in memory of my wonderful husband, Volney - The life of our family -The light of my life Louise - My Pops - Let Me Go, God Bless! Gillian Keeper - My husband Justin died on the 11th April 2020 Lulu - Everyday routine Carmina Masoliver - My grandad, Graham Marlow Carol Hughes - My younger brother, Bill, 27.9.21 Maria Blanchard - My teddy bear Dad passed away in July 2021 Kara - Lost my independence and my job Alex Carter - Lost 18 months (and counting) to Long Covid Caroline - Didn't see my new nephew for a year George - I lost my sister to Covid the same day my mum died David Gilbert - Words For Loss – poem

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues