UK Covid-19 charity covid:aid launches search to catalogue heroic Covid grassroots groups

They are the grassroots groups who sprung up and have tirelessly worked to support others affected by the pandemic – without any reward or recognition. Now the UK’s new national charity covid:aid is looking to build a comprehensive list of these groups, to catalogue and recognise the impact that they have made.

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected people across the whole of the UK in an unprecedented way. At covid:aid we believe in finding and championing people, groups and organisations who have done amazing things over the last 16 months – and who continue to do so now. 

If you know of any groups created during the pandemic who have been doing incredible things to help those suffering from the effects of Covid-19 then we would love to speak to them. 

Whether connected to Long Covid, bereavement, the effects on mental health, or other issues, covid:aid has began cataloguing and categorising these groups – and we’re now looking for public input. Our hope is to build a comprehensive list so we can then report on the impact that these groups have made – and the support that will be needed going forward, both for these groups and for those affected.

covid:aid has already begun speaking to dedicated and popular grassroots groups including Long Covid Support, Long Covid Kids, Covid-19 Recovery Collective, and LongCovidSOS. You can find the full list so far here, and get in contact with covid:aid with any suggestions.

As the comprehensive list of grassroots Covid groups grows, covid:aid will link with and speak to more of these to build a bigger picture of the support network which has provided a vital lifeline to those affected by Covid-19 across the US. It will then report back on its findings and share lessons which can help the UK move forward.

Michael MacLennan, founder and Chief Executive of covid:aid, said: “The charity was set up to help support all those affected by Covid-19 in the UK – for us it’s important to work together with and boost those grassroots groups who have been doing amazing work during the pandemic, often while also dealing with chronic illness and/or debilitating issues such as grief and bereavement.

“So far we have spoken to a number of these groups. However, we would like to be able to extend this network and do more to assist and go further – to make sure that everyone that needs help can access it. Additionally, we want to assess the impact that these groups have made, in order to help governments and other organisations understand what is needed going forward to fully support those whose lives have been turned upside down by Covid-19.”

Want to help? covid:aid is solely reliant on your donations to provide the best possible support to all those across the UK significantly affected by Covid-19.

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