‘The Longest Ad’ released to highlight plight of 2 million in UK with Long Covid

A powerful new advertising campaign allows readers to experience what a day in the life with Long Covid can be like with one of the longest copy ads ever written.

A day with Long Covid can go on and on and on…

In the UK there are an estimated 2 million people living with Long Covid.

‘The Longest Ad’ lets you experience what a day in the life with this condition can be like.

Advertising agency Leith has teamed up with Covid Aid, the UK’s national Covid-19 charity, to highlight the issue and show there is help out there.

Covid Aid is the UK’s leading national charity dedicated to supporting all those significantly affected by Covid-19. It supports and provides visibility for people throughout the pandemic and beyond on issues including Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and pandemic-related trauma.

Its awards-nominated Support Community has been designed as a fully inclusive space to service the needs of all who have suffered – whoever they are, wherever they live, and whatever their circumstance – with a focus on the two million people in the UK with Long Covid, and the hundreds of thousands who have lost a loved one to coronavirus.

The charity provides dedicated one-to-one listening support, professional counselling, self-management courses, expert Q&As, tailored peer groups, resources packs, advice and information articles, and much more.

Covid Aid trustee and Long Covid advocate Jasmine Hayer said:

“This is an excellent depiction of someone's daily challenge with Long Covid, which many Long Covid sufferers will be able to relate to. 

“The feeling of this baffling illness 'going on and on' nails it: the disbelieving loss of who we once are and our limitations now, together with the impact on the relationships with our loved ones is a grief that we continue to live with and do our utmost best to deal with. Thank you to covid:aid and Leith for raising awareness about long covid through this creative campaign.”

The Leith team involved on ‘The Longest Ad’ include Chris Watson, Rufus Wedderburn, John McPartland, Debbie Morgan, and Cori Schwabe.

To read the full ad copy, you can visit our Instagram page, where the story is saved in the highlights section, named "The Longest Ad".

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues