Statement from Foysol Choudhury MSP - Three Years On

In our Three Years On campaign, we look at the impact Covid-19 continues to have on thousands of people across the UK.

Over the past few weeks, we have shared a range of lived experience stories from people in the UK that continue to be impacted by Covid-19. With this campaign, we aim to reflect the need for visibility and to raise the voices of the millions around the UK who continue to be affected three years on from the pandemic.

Andrew wrote: “I caught Covid in September 2020 and have been struggling with Long Covid symptoms since. I am also grieving the loss of my Dad who died of Covid pneumonitis”. You can read Andrew’s story here.

LJ said: “I’ve lost friends, family, financial security, my husband and my health to Covid…It’s just so hard. I’m a shadow of my former self. I don’t know when or if this will ever get better. I would love some understanding.” You can read LJ’s full story here.

We have reached out to politicians and other charities to encourage action within the government to support those still suffering.

Foysol Choudhury, MSP for Lothian Region said:

“Long COVID affects an estimated 175, 000 people across Scotland and this condition can have a devastating impact on people's lives. The Scottish Government must ensure employers are supported in recognising the impact of long COVID on their employees so that they can offer greater flexibility and phased returns to work. It also must act to reduce the stigma around long COVID. People tell me they struggle to explain their symptoms to doctors and so are battling to get their condition recognised or treated. The Scottish Government must ensure health authorities can adequately identify and treat long COVID so that patients don't have this struggle. We must do more to help those with long COVID across the country.”

We thank Foysol Choudhury for this statement and everybody who has shared their personal story with us.

Covid Aid continues to support those significantly impacted by Covid-19. Even three years on from the pandemic, people continue to be affected by a range of Covid-19 related issues including Long Covid, grief and bereavement, mental health and financial issues.

  • If you have Long Covid and would like moral support and access to a range of resources, you can join our online Support Community

  • If you are struggling with grief and bereavement you can chat online directly with a specially trained bereavement counsellor using GriefChat

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues