Covid Aid Monthly Update: February 2023

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This month we celebrated receiving funding from The Scottish Government which will enable us to provide new services for people in Scotland living with Long Covid. The funding comes at a crucial time due to the lack of Long Covid clinics in Scotland and the increasing demand for support. We hope to help those affected by Long Covid and in the future be able to develop these services throughout the UK.

You can see the headlines directly below, and please do visit the Support Community, check out our latest Information articles, and see how else you can get involved.

The headlines

Over the past month we:

  • Received funding from The Scottish Government: The Scottish Government funding has enabled us to create new services for Long Covid sufferers in Scotland including a Scottish Long Covid Support Community and self-management programme in partnership with LGOWIT

  • Met with the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats at Holyrood: Looking at how we can raise awareness of Long Covid and work with charity partners to support those in need

  • Continued to provide a Monthly Peer Support Group Session for individuals living with Long Covid: This group is popular amongst our support community members and we are very appreciative of Kelsey, a Covid Aid volunteer who understands the challenges of living with Long Covid, who delivers these sessions each month 

Support Community

Scottish Long Covid Support Community

This online community offers a platform for members to connect with each other, provide moral support, and access resources specific to Scotland, including events, webinars, and courses.

Thanks to recent funding from the Scottish Government, we are able to offer this crucial support to those who are affected by Long Covid and may feel isolated due to the lack of long covid clinics in Scotland. We believe that through this community, individuals can find comfort and strength in knowing they are not alone in their journey. Join us and be a part of a supportive network of individuals who understand the challenges of Long Covid.

If you are living with Long Covid in Scotland you can join the community here.

Charity News

Self Management Programme in partnership with LGOWIT

LGOWIT [Let’s Get On With It Together] and Covid Aid are combining their significant expertise around Self-Management and Long Covid to provide a high-quality self-management programme and an annual package of online community support for those with Long Covid – providing a comprehensive and tailored solution for those in Scotland experiencing long-term symptoms as a result of Covid-19.

Long Covid sufferers can sign up for the LGOWIT course which they can take at their own pace, and also become a member of a Covid Aid Support Community group specifically tailored for programme participants.

This will provide a space for them to discuss modules as well as other aspects of the programme together, with professional support on hand, alongside the ability to join the wider Support Community and receive further support, advice, and information.

You can register for this programme here.

Information and Resources

The information and resources section on our website provides in depth research articles on a range of topics, relating to Covid-19 issues. We have a fantastic group of volunteers who carry out research and use their personal experiences to produce articles to support those struggling.

New articles

Here are a few recent articles that you might be interested in: 

This February…

We continue to be incredibly grateful for your support, which allows us to support people who have been significantly impacted by Covid-19. Please spread the word to your family, friends, and businesses, and get involved however you can – we are here to support those struggling. 

Next month our legal partners, Winckworth Sherwood are hosting a “Long Covid in the Workplace” webinar to support UK businesses affected by the pandemic. This free webinar will help your team understand workplace issues around Long Covid. If you would like to take part in this, you can sign up here.

We will also be marking three years since the pandemic and will be sharing the stories of those who continue to be significantly affected by Covid-19.

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues