covid:aid launches #CovidHeroes to highlight the UK's everyday heroes

covid:aid, the UK’s national Covid-19 charity, today launches their #CovidHeroes campaign – a moment for the British public to pay tribute to the everyday heroes doing amazing things to help others throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The covid:aid #CovidHeroes wall provides a place to recognise the outstanding efforts of our everyday heroes and say thanks. Visitors can also read the uplifting stories from others around the country.

Each post includes a personalised message of thanks to the nominated Covid Hero with an optional photo attached. The posts will appear on the #CovidHeroes section of the charity’s website.

Michael MacLennan, founder and Chief Executive at covid:aid, said: “We want to shine a positive light on the collective efforts being made across the country in the face of an ongoing, devastating virus."

“#CovidHeroes is a way to show our appreciation for the everyday heroes among us who keep us going through it all. People can pay tribute to these acts of kindness – whether it’s saving someone’s life or carrying the shopping - which make a positive difference during such difficult times and put smiles back on our faces.”

Since establishing in 2021, covid:aid has dedicated itself to supporting those affected by Covid-19. The charity was recently awarded funding from the National Lottery to create an innovative services toolkit alongside digital agency, Hactar, helping charities and organisations better support those living with Long Covid. They have also joined up with UK bodies such as National Voices, Alliance Scotland, the Inequalities in Health Alliance and are part of the Working Group and Steering Group for Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation's diagnostic tool being funded by the NHS, and the NIHR-funded LISTEN Project.

#CovidHeroes is the first step in covid:aid's campaign to honour the public efforts making a difference in the coronavirus pandemic. We hope this will help to spread positivity among all of us affected by Covid-19, at what continues to be a challenging and difficult time for millions across the country.

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues