Covid Aid ceasing as a charity, with Support Community to continue under independent member ownership

We are sad to confirm that Covid Aid is closing as a charity. However, we are celebrating our legacy of two-and-half years of providing UK-wide services – and delighted that members have agreed to take over independent management of our award-winning Support Community.

In our time since launching in 2021, Covid Aid has achieved fantastic results in providing support and services across the UK. We became an award-winning charity with almost 2000 members in our Support Community, and through our website have provided more than 368,000 people with advice and information.

Unfortunately this year has proved incredibly difficult from a funding perspective, with the landscape around the pandemic changing and visibility of Covid decreasing in the news agenda.

As such myself and the board have taken the difficult decision to close the charity, and we are undertaking the final formal steps with the regulator to dissolve the organisation. This has not been an easy decision, and we had hoped for a different outcome, but having explored options we were unable to find an alternate approach given increasingly limited resources.

Though the charity shall cease, we are delighted that an independent group of existing members have agreed to continue the Support Community, and to plot their own path forward with volunteers taking on administration duties. We are glad that this will allow the array of previously scheduled events and existing support on the platform to continue into 2024, and that the positive impact from the charity will continue in this new and separate form. The vital need for support for the millions in the UK affected through the Covid-19 pandemic continues, and we are glad that the legacy of Covid Aid will continue to provide a positive impact in this way.

All of us who have been working and volunteering our time for Covid Aid want to take this opportunity to say a massive thanks to all our partners who have helped and supported us, and enabled us to provide help at a crucial time during an unprecedented period in our history. We couldn’t have had the impact that we have had without you, and we have shared impact statements below as testament to the difference that we have made together.

– Michael MacLennan, Covid Aid Founder and Chair

Covid Aid closure: thanks from our Support Community members

‘Covid Aid has been a much needed lifeline. I  have found in here a true understanding from people who know the hidden impact of Covid that affects so many, and that we are not alone. Thanks to you all’ – Phil

‘The resources have been a lifeline when so little was available. All of Covid Aid has been a fantastic resource. You will leave a large void, but we appreciate everything you've done to support the Long Covid community. Hopefully this isn't goodbye 💜’ – Leigh

‘The Charity was a light in my very darkest days. You provided hope when I could find none’ – Rosemary

‘This community has been a lifeline to me and has offered support that does not exist anywhere else.’ – Charlotte

‘Without the people, support and information from the community, I would have felt entirely alone.’ – Ellen

‘Covid Aid provided a safe space. I always knew that when I went to a group there would be no judgement and people who really understood me’ – Eden

‘I've been ill for 3.5 years and when I found my way to your support it was such a huge relief.  Your events and offerings have been the kind of holistic support I have found actually practical and helpful in living with this. I'm so incredibly grateful for all your hard work and that of your team and volunteers.  You've made a real difference in my life, and others I've met here.  Thank you for Qigong, chat support groups, art at home, Breathworks mindfulness, crafting, cooking and more’ – Kate

‘You guys have been nothing short of a lifeline during my weakest moments. At the end of the day, Emma, Kelsey, Michael, and everyone involved has equipped me with the know-how to navigate this difficult journey to gain back some degree of life.’ – Mohammed

‘Covid Aid has been so important to me during the Long Covid rollercoaster ride. It made such a difference finding information and support that was useful and informative. The thing that was most helpful was the meetings. I really didn’t want to go initially,  but when I did I found people who understood and offered support, understanding, honesty, bravery and inspiration. I’d really like to thank Maria and Kelsey in particular for running the meetings where I was a regular. You are both amazing, selfless; inspirational people’ – Richard

‘I have found so much support and have loved some of the groups and classes you have run. Thank you to everyone that shared your experiences with me, and helped me on my way. It is this shared understanding and support that kept bringing me back to Covid Aid. Particular thanks to everyone in the old evening coffee and chat groups, the art classes and Kelsey's sessions. I felt very understood and welcome in all of these sessions.’ – Kate

‘Thank you so much for being here I look in at least once a week if not more… You all deserve recognition for your work.’ – Phil

‘This community has been absolutely fantastic and I am so sorry to hear that it will be folding’ – Heather

‘Just being amongst people who just “got it”. You didn’t have to explain yourself or justify your symptoms, you could just be, safe in the knowledge that those around wouldn’t judge you’ – James

‘I really enjoyed the Qigong sessions with Feixia. Really helpful with calming the nervous system’ – Catherine

‘Covid Aid has been a vital source of support, information and comfort for me during the profound difficulties living with Long Covid involves. The humanity shown by so many people has been inspiring and I’ll always remember it as a source of light during some dark times. I’m so grateful for the efforts put in by staff, volunteers and users of the site. It’s helped me get through’ – Richard

‘Covid Aid has been a lifeline for me, in my area there was literally no support for anyone with Long Covid. I wanted to find a space where I could support others in the same situation as me’ – Kelly

‘Feeling quite alone and not getting much help from GP, the support group has been helping me to manage my energy levels better and overall just knowing I am not the only long hauler on the planet has been a live changer. Huge thankyous to everyone’ – Ros

‘I sadly have to say I felt validated. Sadly because my validation comes at the expense of other people suffering too. But reading other people’s experiences meant I wasn’t alone anymore. Such a lovely bunch of people run this organisation. For me the virtual events were a lifesaver. All I can do is thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for us’ – James

‘When I realised that my post covid problems were not resolving, Covid Aid became my lifeline. My GP and the NHS more generally were unable to offer much help and I did not always feel that I was taken seriously. Covid Aid provided me with the information and support I needed to get me through a very difficult time’ – Andrew

‘Did not know what Long Covid could do to me, so was scared, but knowing I was one of many and that life would not be all doom and gloom helped.’ – Eleanor

‘A huge thank you for all that you have done: building up a community like this is no mean feat and you have all aced it. When I found you I had already built support into my life but the resources and Kelsey’s group were a fab addition. I will forever be grateful for having Covid Aid and for you wonderful people who have made it - thank you, thank you, thank you xxx’ – Fran

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues