covid:aid appearance on Independent SAGE briefing

covid:aid Founder and Chief Executive Michael Maclennan appeared at the Independent SAGE briefing on May 14 2021 to ask the following question:

'What do you think are the most concerning long-term effects of COVID-19 – both for individuals and for UK society as a whole – and, as the founder of a new national COVID charity, what you believe is needed to tackle these effects?'

Answers came from Dr Zubaida Haque (former Interim Director, Runnymede Trust), Professor Susan Michie (Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London), and Dr Tolullah Oni (Public Health Physician-Scientist and urban epidemiologist, and a Clinical Senior Research Fellow with the University of Cambridge’s Global Public Health Research programme).

covid:aid is proud to be a part of these important discussions and we'd like to thank those taking part, as well as host, Alice Roberts for welcoming the launch of covid:aid and wishing us well.

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues