Covid Aid: Annual Summary 2022

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It’s been an important year for the charity as we expanded our team, established new partnerships, launched helpful new courses and continued to provide support to thousands of people in the UK affected by Long Covid, grief and bereavement and a range of other related issues.

Check out the headlines below, and we’ll always encourage you to visit the Support Community, check out our latest Advice & Info articles, and see how else you can get involved.

The headlines!

In 2022 we accomplished many achievements including:

  • Reaching 240,000 people: Our support, advice and information has now reached thousands of people, this is a fantastic achievement for our charity

  • We welcomed 1,300 members to our awards nominated Support Community: providing courses, groups, and other resources to support those who desperately need help

  • The Covid Aid Support Community has been nominated for “Best New Community” in the Community Industry Awards 2023

  • We hosted a 6-week Mindful Drawing cohort with Green Fox Workshops which received fantastic feedback from members

  • Working with advertising agency, Leith on a Long Covid Campaign to highlight the issue and show there is help out there

  • Being nominated for Rising Star and Rising Chief Executive at the Third Sector Awards, Charity of the Year at the Scottish Charity Awards, and for other awards including the 2022 StartUp Awards and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards

  • Secured People’s Postcode Trust funding: We received more than £20,000 from the grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, which helped us provide Long Covid support in 2022

Support Community

The Covid Aid Support Community is an inclusive place for people affected by Covid-19 issues. It provides a space for members to connect with each other, take part in courses and groups and also an area that provides supportive resources. 

This year, the community has reached an incredible 1,300 active members who rely on the platform as a means of support and we are very proud to be able to provide that to those in need.

Our volunteers Kelsey and Maria have been instrumental in hosting incredible support groups over the course of the year for our members.

Covid Aid Support Community Nominated for 'Best New Community' in the Community Industry Awards 2023

We are so pleased that the Covid Aid Support Community has made it into the finals for the CMX community awards 2023. 

A big thank you to everyone who voted for us, and to Emma and the team for continuing to build this supportive community, bringing new resources and courses to the platform to help those suffering.

Mindful Drawing cohort with Green Fox Workshops

One of the most popular courses that we provided this year was the Mindful Drawing cohort with Green Fox Workshops. This 6 week art course encouraged members to be creative and take part in a mindful activity. We had members from across the UK take part and the feedback we received from this was really positive, with members expressing their feelings towards the course.

“Loved being a part of this, it was such a positive way to interact with people that was not directly about illness.  After 2.5years of this, I'm trying to get away from all focus being illness talk and this was great for that while still feeling a part of a community that "gets it".  I've really enjoyed this course so thank you Gemma Lane and Emma Williams and everyone else”.

“Thank you so much for the certificate! This course has been a real positive step forward. Engaging with something new and creative that I can do at home and that stimulates me is super. It's a really good focus away from thinking about illness too. Very powerful. Thank you very much for everything you and Gemma have done creating this course. I hope it can continue in some form.”

It also received some great coverage in The Herald following the story of Kate M who is recovering from Long Covid and took part in this workshop. You can read the full article here.

Charity News

‘The Longest Ad’ Campaign 

In November, we teamed up with advertising agency Leith to highlight the issue of over 2 million people in the UK living with Long Covid. The powerful advertising campaign enabled readers to experience what a day in the life with Long Covid can be like with one of the longest copy ads ever written. This was displayed in bus stop advertising in Edinburgh with the copy that spread out onto the street.

The campaign received a lot of positive engagement and was even awarded “Best Outdoor of the Week” selected from around the world. 

You can read the full ad copy here.

Award Nominations 

In July, Head of Community Emma Williams was shortlisted for Rising Star, and Michael MacLennan for Rising Chief Executive, at the prestigious Third Sector Awards.

Emma has been integral to the success of Covid Aid as she launched and has built our Support Community which hosts 1-to-1 listening support, expert live Q&As, high-quality self-management courses, tailored support groups, in-depth resource packs, and much more.

Michael’s dedication to the charity has not gone unnoticed as he has built a charity which has reached more than 240,000 people through an innovative startup approach, providing a range of services and support for those significantly affected by Covid-19 in the UK. As part of its mission, he has also looked to ensure that the charity can act as a platform which boosts stretched third sector organisations, working in collaboration with them to form a supportive network.

In addition to his, Covid Aid has also been nominated for Charity of the Year at the Scottish Charity Awards, the 2022 StartUp Awards and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

These are incredible achievements for the charity and we are really thankful for the hard work and dedication that the entire team including the volunteers at Covid Aid have put into the charity, which has made it possible for people across the UK to receive much needed support with Covid related issues.

Funding and Fundraising

In September 2022, we secured People’s Postcode Trust funding and received more than £20,000 from the grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, which has really helped us provide Long Covid support in 2022. 

Michael MacLennan, Covid Aid Founder and Chief Executive, said: 

“Thanks to this funding Covid Aid will be able to continue providing support to people affected by Long Covid in the UK. This will make a significant difference to people’s lives, and we wouldn’t be more grateful.” 

Funding is crucial to our charity as we aim to continue providing our services to those suffering throughout 2023 and beyond. 

A big thank you to everybody who took part in a fundraising event on behalf of Covid Aid this year, you can read more about some of these events here.

Advice and Information

New articles

Our support, advice and information has now reached 240,000 people. Our content team continues to publish up to date and helpful Advice & Information, including important articles from our writers Mo and Huda. Our Covid Perspectives series has increased thanks to Emma and Sally, which provide a powerful insight into those living with Long Covid and other related issues such as sensory loss. Here are a few of the most popular pieces from this year that you might be interested in: 

Thank You…

A final thank you to everybody who has supported our charity throughout 2022. We are dedicated to continue providing much needed support, generating awareness and advocating for those struggling throughout 2023 and beyond.

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues