Covid Aid aims to support everyone significantly affected by Covid-19 in the UK. We are funded by the generosity of your donations.

It is only thanks to your donations that we can continue to provide a range of services for issues including Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and trauma. These include expert courses, professional counselling, live Q&A webinars, resource packs, and our free Support Community which offers a safe space for anyone affected to chat to others and receive 1-to-1 listening support.

So far we have reached and supported more than 200,000 people. With more than 2 million people with Long Covid in the UK and hundreds of thousands of families grieving the loss of loved ones, in 2022 our support is more desperately needed than ever – help us to help the UK.

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues