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Grandad-my oldest best friend

Jenny Bacon, England, January 2021

I lost my rock. My grandad had always been my oldest best friend (having lost both my parents at a relatively young age he was my support and I was his) and confidant in January 2021. He was 96 in physical years old however his soul and personality were way younger.

We spoke at least twice a day about anything (people would never believe our conversations lol). We spoke one day in January 21 and I rushed to his flat as he sounded dreadful, I called the ambulance and was shocked when the ambulance lady said she suspected covid he’d contracted it in hospital in between his second dose of vaccine.I spoke to him on the phone at the ward and he said “I’ve caught that pandemic thing Jenny and I’m so angry, but I’m in the best place and comfortable”.

Two days later they’d called me to say his breathing had reached a point that they couldn’t help him any further. He said to them “call Jenny and tell her that I’ve had a wonderful life and have lots of lovely happy memories. And if it’s my time to go I’m happy to” that just sums him up… he didn’t want me to go to the hospital to be with him (although technically I couldn’t as was in isolation after seeing him-the hospital did offer me to go) he said I don’t want Jenny to come and see this place.

Such an incredible inspiration to me and my family…. Gone but never ever forgotten Grandad!! Love you now and always xxxx

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