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My partner – he was my best friend

Laura, Scotland, 22nd February 2021

My partner went to bed feeling bit sleepy that was all, due to him having ulcerative colitis it was normal for him to have upset tummy.

Me & our 3 kids, aged 14, 6, and 3 all slept downstairs as was back forward to toilet, that morning of Monday 22nd February 2021 at 8.32am. I asked if he was ok. He was asking for drink as felt dehydrated, I checked his temperature, it was normal.

One hour later I went spoke to him struggling stay awake. I called the doctor and said there was something not right, checked the temperature again – was 33.3 Centigrade –  then something made me call doctor again explaining everything. They told me phone 999 so came off the phone to ambulance, shouted from other room I'm getting your bag ready you're going to hospital, my partner shouted no I'm fine.

As I walked into bedroom he took his last breath, his eyes were open. I called his name. He was gone. I remember screaming for help. My daughter came into the room she was only 14, I told her get help while I did CPR. My old child tried CPR & my neighbours tried. Within 10 mins the ambulance was there and they told me they couldn't save him. It was the worst day of my life.

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