Covid Alliance UK

A network of organisations providing Covid-related support and advocacy

Covid Alliance UK is a supportive network of organisations who provide support and services on a range of Covid-related issues, and who meet regularly to coordinate and boost efforts to provide extra support and visibility.

What is the Covid Alliance UK?

Covid Alliance UK is a national coalition of organisations and groups providing support and advocacy around Covid-related issues in the UK.

Our vision is that together we can:

  • Provide the best support for those currently affected by a range of Covid-related issues;

  • Increase the level of awareness and protections available to minimise the amount of people experiencing life-changing effects as a result of Covid-19 in future;

  • Ensure visibility and provide advocacy as attention shifts elsewhere

We continually strive towards this by providing a supportive network for our members, allowing them to coordinate and work together, increasing impact and making more efficient use of time and resources. We can also provide a singular voice to advocate on key issues and policies affecting our members, providing a collective national voice and enabling the exchange of information and knowledge across the coalition.

We are achieving this in collaboration with our members, while looking towards other strategic partnerships.

Together, we will make a difference by enabling our members to make even more of a positive difference through the work they’re doing, helping to reduce the ongoing impact of Covid-19 – improving and saving lives in the process.

What does the Alliance do?

At the moment we will meet on a monthly basis, allowing members to discuss plans, and inviting presentations from internal and external stakeholders. We plan to:

  • Hold regular meetings to collaborate and coordinate

  • Facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge

  • Ensure that we can collaborate to work more efficiently and effectively – and to avoid duplication and overlap

  • Address any issues internally which may be causing problems for organisations and/or presenting challenges

  • Look at further ways of providing support for our members so they can grow their support and services

  • Potentially release joint press releases and responses to current events and news items (no obligation, so it can be whichever members wish to do so on particular issues/events)

Who are the members of Covid Alliance UK?

Meeting attendees include Asthma & Lung UK, Marie Curie, Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, Fifth Sense, Citizens Advice, Covid Aid, Covid-19 UK Families, and more.

Covid Aid is reliant on YOUR donations to provide support to those hit by Long Covid, grief and bereavement, and other Covid-related issues