Covid Aid Annual Report

We're proud that we've made a substantial impact in our first year.

In the Covid Aid 2022 Annual Report, you'll find more information about how we've provided vital Covid-19 support to over 107,000 people and their families across the UK. This includes the public impact and personal stories from those who have seen a benefit from using Covid Aid's support services.

But even though we're celebrating a successful first year, we don't plan to slow down and we need your help now more than ever.

Covid Aid Annual Report

We are celebrating the impact we have made in our first 365 days as a charity! In that short space of time, we have provided crucial support to more than 107,000 people and their families around the UK who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Since day one, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the widest possible range of support to all people significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic across a range of issues including Long Covid, grief and bereavement, mental health, financial hardship, vaccines, and more.

Public Impact

Despite a limited budget and the challenges of starting a charity during the pandemic, we went beyond expectations in our first year:

  • Reaching more than 107,000 people in the UK with information, advice, and support through our website hub, with almost a quarter of a million page views.

  • Publishing an in-depth Information and Advice section with more than 175 articles covering a range of Covid-related issues including vaccines and Long Covid.

  • Creating an innovative and awards-nominated Covid Aid Support Community platform with courses, live Q&As, tailored support groups and more for those significantly affected by Covid-19. Resources are co-designed and developed by members.

  • Launching free digital courses on topics relating to Covid-19 such as breathlessness, fatigue, and grief. All courses are developed and delivered by subject matter experts.

  • Offering professional online bereavement counselling for people affected by loss.

  • Building a comprehensive Get Help service pointing to over 85 trusted sources of support.

  • Participating in an NHS-funded assessment tool for those with Long Covid, My Long Covid Needs, within a Working Group led by Asthma & Lung UK

  • Being nominated for Charity of the Year at the Scottish Charity Awards 2022, being nominated at the 2022 StartUp Awards, and receiving congratulations for our efforts by a cross-party Scottish Parliament motion.

Personal Impact

We also made a personal difference to our Covid Aid community members and national organisations:

  • “Covid Aid and its Support Community really is phenomenal; the community is so helpful. It really did come into my life at the point I needed it the most.” (Maria, Community Member)

  • “I am so glad I found this charity. It has stopped me from feeling like I am mad or just a weak person. I came here to meet others in my situation as well as to try and get some answers.” (Elaine, Community Member)

  • “Finding Covid Aid has been a huge relief and has allowed me to channel my grief in a different way.” (Gillian, Community Member)

  • “Someone just replying and understanding means the world to me. I just feel so lost and alone and tired of all of this so thank you for reaching out to me – it’s so nice to have someone who cares in my corner.” (Chrissy, Community Member)

  • “Covid Aid are very much champions of people. They are sharing information and supporting other organisations in a really helpful way. Covid Aid provides a centralised place for all Covid resources which continues to be useful.” (Amanda, Asthma & Lung UK)

Read more touching stories of our impact and successes over the last year in our Annual Report below. (Get in contact if you also want a copy of our verified Annual Accounts.)

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