How to Manage Fatigue Post Covid-19

A short course designed by the AWRC at Sheffield Hallam University and the CRESTA fatigue clinic.

What You'll Get From How to Manage Fatigue Post Covid-19

This video series gives you access to professionals who work extensively with Fatigue. We've utilised the incredible content created by RICOVR unit at Sheffield Hallam University and the CRESTA clinic - Newcastle Hospitals Foundation Trust to bring you this course on How to Manage Fatigue Post Covid-19. The team in Newcastle present their professional opinions based on decades of experience of working with people with fatigue and translate that professional knowledge and insight into supporting people who are recovering from Covid-19. This video series is not based on research specifically relating to people with Covid-19.

Please also take into consideration that when the professionals in these videos speak on physical activity, it is important to understand that they are not advocating graded exercise therapy as they recognise for some people, particularly people with ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that this has not been affective. What they are instead talking about here is supporting people into physical activity through a slow and low increase in the amount of effort you expend on activities of daily living. 


This introduction is presented by Prof Rob Copeland, Director of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC).

AWRA & CRESTA Team Introduction

What is Fatigue?

This video explores what is fatigue, how common it is and the approach to managing fatigue at the Newcastle CRESTA clinic.

This video is delivered by Prof Julia Newton - Consultant Physician at CRESTA.

Managing Energy and Daily Activities

This video is delivered by Dr Kate Hackett - Specialist Occupational Therapist at CRESTA.

Self-care During Your Recovery of Covid-19

This video is delivered by Prof Vincent Deary, Northumbria University, CRESTA fatigue clinic N.U.T.H.

This video explores some of the common barriers and some strategies for overcoming them. It also explores some of the following themes: 

  • The work of being ill 

  • Managing your self 

  • Self acceptance 

  • Utilising the Compassion Focussed Therapy Framework approach

  • Befriending yourself

Activity and Fatigue

This video is presented to you by Victoria Strassheim, Senior Physiotherapist.

Fatigue Q&A session

This video focuses on a short question and answer session on Covid-19 and fatigue and includes the professional opinions from colleagues at the CRESTA clinic. 

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