Anonymous Story - Three Years On

In our Three Years On campaign, we look at the impact Covid-19 continues to have on thousands of people across the UK.

We are sharing the experiences of people that continue to be impacted by Covid-19. These are the lived experiences and opinions of the individuals themselves, not of Covid Aid. By sharing these personal stories, we aim to reflect the need for visibility and to raise the voices of the millions around the UK who continue to be affected three years on from the Covid-19 pandemic.

This person shares his story with us below:

"I’ve always been a fit, healthy individual. I’ve played sports to a high level and after finishing that, maintained a good level of personal fitness into my 40s. 

I turned 46 in March 2020 and celebrated by playing golf for a couple of days and as I usually do, visited the gym 3 times that week. My usual morning routine involved a 5/6km run and a weight/gym session before work. 

On the 20th of March 2020, I felt tired and out of breath after 14 holes of golf and called it quits for the day. Later that evening, I developed a dry cough but thought nothing of it. 

On waking the next day, I had a tight chest, trouble breathing and felt as though my right lung was blocked by a “bung” or stopper. I called NHS24 and they told me that I had contracted Covid and had to isolate.

By the next evening, my breathing was worse and I went into A&E. Despite my obvious symptoms, my oxygen levels seemed to be good although it was clear I struggling to catch a breath. I was sent home. 

Things started to improve then a few days later deteriorated again and I went back to the hospital… again following tests I was sent home to rest. I’m thankful that nobody in my family caught this from me in the days following. 

In the next few months, I continued to struggle to return to normal. Despite going back to work, I couldn’t do any fitness work and any attempts to return were met by breakdowns. Every time I get to a level, the following day feels like the “bung” returns. 

I have been for testing on numerous occasions and have been told everything is fine and that I have no issues, but I still cannot do any running or excessive activity. As a result, I’ve put weight on and this has caused excessive stress. 

There’s no help offered, despite numerous attempts to reach out to GPs. From a working perspective, whilst I can work, I’ve had to modify the way I do things and can’t fulfil certain essential courses as a result of symptoms. 

I realise that I am far from the worst person affected by this. I am able to live my life virtually how I was pre-Covid, but the lack of empathy and abandonment on learning how this has affected different people in different ways is frightening."

We thank this person for sharing his story with us.

Covid Aid continues to support those significantly impacted by Covid-19. Even three years on from the pandemic, people continue to be affected by a range of Covid-19 related issues including Long Covid, grief and bereavement, mental health and financial issues.

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